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Dr. Rosemary Riley

I was born and raised in Maryland, and am fortunate to have a large and supportive family.  I have always appreciated the unconditional love that our animal companions provide.  I remember the day that it first occurred to me that I could be a veterinarian.  I was in high school and was feeling helpless that our family’s geriatric dog seemed to be struggling.  I try to be the kind of veterinarian that I wish my family had back then.

While earning my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Maryland, I worked as a veterinary assistant.  I was fortunate to work with several veterinarians who were dedicated, smart and willing to share their knowledge.  The experience fortified my motivation to join this amazing profession.  I am constantly striving to improve my understanding of individuals who can’t verbalize when they are afraid or feel pain.  I feel that we have a great responsibility to our animal friends that give us so much.

I attended veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania, from which I graduated in 2004.  Since then, I have used my training and education to effect positive change in the lives of my patients during times of illness and help to maintain and celebrate their health during times of wellness.

I truly enjoyed the time that I spent as an associate veterinarian at Mt. Airy Animal Hospital over a decade ago.  Since then, I have had the privilege of working with many talented veterinary teams from whom I have learned so much.  I am excited to join the team again as medical director and look forward to getting to know the extended MAAH family.